Cultural and creative potential of technological education content of the secondary scool pupils
Institute of Pedagogy of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (Ukraine, Kyiv)
Data publikacji: 01-09-2016
Data nadesłania: 27-06-2016
Data ostatniej rewizji: 25-07-2016
Data akceptacji: 22-08-2016
Intercultural Communication 2016;1(1):114–126
The purpose of research: to determine the fundamental provisions and the basic concepts of forming cultural and creative content of technological education of the secondary school pupils, its effective component.

Material and methods:
Methods of research: a critical analysis of scientific sources and the results of practical experience; comparative historical method of similarity and differences between organizational types of culture; modeling of educational field "Technology" for the detection of internal and external relations; structural and genetic analysis and synthesis of the main elements of a modern organizational type of design and technological culture, which contribute to the development of school technological education system, determine the features of structure and design of its content; clarifying of terminological concepts of cultural approach to forming the content of technological education of secondary school pupils.

According to the modern requirements of quality content and the process of technology training, its effective component is not determined by the level of mastering a certain amount of alienated knowledge, technocratic skills, but the mastery level of pupils of cultural needed key, brunch and the subject of design and technological competence. High-quality technological education involves not only creating conditions for the formation of the competencies based on the updated content, methods and forms of education, but also the development of diagnostic assessment criterion level of this competence of pupils.

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