About the Journal
The journal "Intercultural Communication" (ISSN - 2451-0998; e-ISSN - 2543-7461) – Scientific biannual of the Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy in Józefów (WSGE).

The purpose of the journal, in the current increasing globalization and the intensification of migration, is to provide an effective platform for the international exchange of fundamental and applied experience in the field of intercultural communication in the areas of social sciences and humanities (cultural anthropology, sociology, philosophy, philology, history, science on safety, media studies, political science, management science, legal science, pedagogy, psychology, religious studies, etc.).

In the journal, we publish research results, based on:
- the classical meaning of the term "intercultural communication" – the international, inter-nation, inter-ethnic communication,
- the functional meaning of the term "intercultural communication" – the communication between the various systems of norms of behaviour, the moral norms, the values, the lifestyles, the customs etc. of various social groups (for example: the urban culture, the generations culture, the organization cultural etc.).

The articles, polemics, reviews and scientific reports fit into 4 areas:
1) the comparative area,
2) the structural and functional area,
3) the symbolic area,
4) the methodological area – the measurement of cross-cultural communication.

Each article in the journal is assigned a DOI.

The materials are published in the following languages: English, Polish, Italian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian.

The version released in print is considered as a primary version of the published journal "Intercultural communication". The texts of particular issues of the journal are published on the website with free access to the text.

Editorial Board invites all interested authors to publish and guarantees high content and formal quality of the acceptable print materials.